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Grant Fund Search

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I phoned your company today and was surprised to actually get an answer. I have tried to contact you unsuccessfully in the past, being left on hold for over 30 minutes and/or cut off on numerous occasions, preventing me from canceling this earlier.

I am disputing numerous charges to my CitiBank credit card in the amount of $69.95 for the months of March, April, May and June. In mid July I reached someone with the assistance of a representative from CitiBank and was able to cancel my account with " OW/ Search For Grants " ; phone number listed as 888-237-6422 GBR.

On further audit of my account with my attorney, I found the same fees had been billed under different descriptors and different phone numbers. Had I realized these were one and the same company, I would have asked for a refund of all charges at the time of my initial phone call, as I had been trying without luck to cancel this account since March. Now you tell me because I cancelled in July (thinking it was a separate company and separate charge) that you cannot refund these charges.

I find your tactics to be misleading and fraudulent. I will contact my credit card company to request a dispute form. I am aware that consumers have up to 6 months to dispute fraudulent credit card charges, and that in this type of situation, credit card disputes are usually successful. Had I been able to reach you in early March the charges from March through July would never have been posted.

My original search for grant money for a non-profit organization for $1.98 has cost me nearly $280 which I never authorized.I note that there are several other similar complaints about your scam, so I know I am not the only one to be taken advantage of.

I expect a full refund of the following charges as they appear on my credit card and as verified by your representative today:

The only charge I do NOT dispute is the original one in Feb for $1.98

2/27 YXHTG DOO DRI 888 210 2544 Grant Fund 952-908-4112 MN$1.98-

called, no answer- Do not dispute this charge but was unable to cancel

Now, Changed phone #

3/08/09 RD8G4KOO DRI 888-210-2544 Grant Fund 888-210-2544 MN $69.95

called- left on hold-unable to cancel

4/07/09 IOW9TQOO DRI888 219-2544 Grant Fund 888-210-2544 MN $69.95

called, left on hold, then cut off- unable to cancel

Now, changed descriptor and phone number

6/01/09 LHVH8VF3 )W/Search4Grants +18882376422 GBR called, no answer

Around 7/15 Icalled CitiBank for help and was connected to someone who cancelled the account but would not refund the charge. Did not realize it was the same company as "Grant Fund" that I had been unable to reach previously

Today called for refund and was told nothing could be done.

I will be sending a copy of this letter to CitiBank, to my attorney, and the BBB as well as filing complaints against your company and expect to see full refunds of all charges on my next credit card statement.



Carl D. Anderson, Esq

US and Canada Better Business Bureau

FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Ref # 23595733

Secretary of State, Nevada



Internet Fraud Complaint Center

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